The Multi-User migration feature allows you, the administrator, to manage a migration for a large amount of users.

In order to purchase the Multi-User migration feature, please contact us at 

  1. To create a new Multi-User migration, click on Migration Plans and Create a Multi-User migration 


  2. Select your source system. The system you are migrating from.

  3. Select your target system. The system you are migrating to.

  4. In the Account Mapping screen, select the appropriate Mapping & Login Method, and upload the relevant excel file containing all the e-mail addresses of the users that you want to migrate their content using the Upload Spreadsheet button.

    In case you haven't contacted Cloudsfer support and purchased seats the following error will show after trying to continue.


  5. To learn more about account mapping and the different methods, review the following guide here

  6. Click on Continue to move to the next stage

  7. In the following screen you can choose to apply Filters and migrate Security (for supported systems).
    To read more about it, please see the following guides:
    How can I apply filters?
    Security guides (select the appropriate source and target system)

    Filters added will affect all of the users under your bulk migration plan automatically.
    If you would like to change a specific user's filter setting, please review the following guide here

  8. If you have selected to migrate permissions, you will be prompted to enter your Administrator Credentials.
    Connect to the source and target systems using your administrator accounts and click Continue.

  9. Enter a Title and click on Confirm Multi-User migration to finish the migration wizard and add the bulk migration to the list.