Security can be migrated to allow you to maintain your shared permissions in your target system.
This document will help you better understand how to use the Security feature in Cloudsfer.

The security migration option requires purchasing one of our Business plans. More information can be found in our Pricing page.
In order to purchase a business plan, Register
 to Cloudsfer and login to your account, go to Pricing >> Business plans.

  1. During the New Migration Plan wizard, after choosing your source and target systems, the Optional Settings menu will show.
    Click on the Security Migration tab to view your permission mapping option.

  2. Map the permissions by clicking on the appropriate drop-down menu box and selecting the target permissions which best suits the one you had in the source.
    Selecting Do no maintain permissions will not migrate the selected permission level.
    *Note: Permissions may differ from one system to another. For example, the "View" permission level in the source might have different permissions than the "View" permission level in the target.
    A table listing the permission levels and their permission in each system can be found in Permission levels in Google Drive, Box and SharePoint Online guides.

  3. Click on Save & Continue to save your mapping and continue to the next step.

For more information regarding our supported systems please find our Supported Systems page - 
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