This guide will help you migrate Google Drive data that is available in the "Shared with me" section appearing on you Google Drive left side Panel.

The files and folders that are shared with your Google Drive account from other users will be available in the Shared with me section as seen below. You need to add selected items in the "Shared with me" section into your "My Drive (Google Drive)".


To migrate the files and folders that is shared with me from Google Drive

  • In the Google Drive, click Shared with me.


  • Select the folder and press Shift+Z. A popup window will appear.
  • Select a folder in the Google Drive and Click “ADD”.


  • Now the folder will be moved into your account Drive

  • On Cloudsfer main page, select “GDrive (Personal) and GDrive (Admin) ” integration and click Connect button.


  • A pop-up window will appear. Enter your Google Drive credentials and allow Cloudsfer to Access Google Drive.
  • Select drive type as My Drive and click “Set”.



  • Select the Shared folder for migration.
  • Please note: "Shared with me" is displayed as a special icon in Cloudsfer as seen below:

Important: Please make sure the "Include Content Shared With User" is Checked to migrate data shared with you.


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