The transfer’s speed is affected by the following:

  1. Amount of files and folders – regardless of the files/folders size, the more files and folders that you transfer, the longer it takes since creating the folder itself is another action that takes time. For instance, it will take longer to transfer 10 GB that include 3,000 folders and files, than 10 GB that contain only 1,000 folders and files.

  2. Size of files – the size of each file affects the speed of the migration.

  3. Hierarchy – a complex hierarchy and many folder levels would affect the migration speed as well. The deeper the hierarchy is, the longer it would take to create the same structure in the target and transfer the content. For instance, a hierarchy of 2 levels with 30 folders will take less time to migrate than a hierarchy of 10 levels with 30 folders.

  4. Target’s restrictions – each target system has its own restrictions and limitations. As we’re depending on the target service limitations, as they have their own policies for throttling the bandwidth.

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