This guide will assist you to configure and authorize Cloudsfer in your Google Drive Domain Account for upcoming migration plan (When using Google Drive integration for admins)


In order to allow Cloudsfer access, please follow the given steps.

Note: You must be super admin in the Google Drive.


  • In your admin console, click on Security as shown in the picture below.


  • Click on App access control.


  • In Domain wide delegation, click MANAGE DOMAIN WIDE DELEGATION.


  • Click on Add new and enter the following information in Client ID and copy the following links to  OAuth scopes (comma-delimited) as shown in the picture below:

    Add Cloudsfer as an Authorized API client by copying and pasting the following into Client Name:

    Copy the following into API scopes:,,,



  • Click AUTHORIZE button to configure and authorize Cloudsfer in the Google Drive Domain Account.

Continue to Cloudsfer to completed your migration