What is Scheduled Migration ?

Using the Scheduled Migration feature gives you the ability to automatically schedule your migration.

You can customize the time of the migration schedule, and set it in a way that the migration will take place every day/week/month or year (to your choice).

Once you connect to the Cloudsfer application,create a migration with the needed source and target system as shown below: 

The migration plan wizard appears with our list of supported source systems.

Select the wanted systems for the migration


A pop-up window will appear. Enter your account details.

Click to allow access for Cloudsfer .


Choose the content you wish to transfer, choose whether or not you would like to include subfolders/parent folder and hit Save and Continue.

After setting the optional setting - please continue with the migration 


A new Scheduled migration wizard will appear à click on the Schedule the migration as shown in the print screen below:

You can choose to have a one time schedule for free and simply set the date and time you wish to perform the migration.


You may choose the Scheduled Backup option and set a scheduled migration for every day/week/month or year (in other words – a scheduled backup)



After setting the time à under the Advanced Options, choose how you want us to treat your existing hierarchy .
(Please consider our recommendation, each time you choose an option under our “Use existing folder hierarchy” a please note pop up box will appear with more information on the chosen box)




In your migration plan you will see a clock icon next to your migration (as shown in the print screen below)


This icon indicates that this migration is scheduled.

In case you haven purchased the Scheduled Backup feature when first purchasing a migration plan and your 30 days free trial have ended
à please click on the Subscribe now link


You may also purchase this feature when first connecting into Cloudsfer and purchasing a migration plan by checking the box below.



In order to cancel this subscription please go to Manage Account settings, under Purchases click Cancel Subscripti 


In case you need further assistance with your migration, please don't hesitate to contact us at Support@cloudsfer.com