In this document we will explain how to create a new folder in your Target system by using the Migration Wizard interface. 

This feature by Cloudsfer enhances the flexibility of the user by modifying the destination path during the Migration Wizard itself, rather than manually changing the folder structure in the target before conducting the migration.

Please follow the below steps:

1. Select your Source system. For example, Google Drive (Personal):


2. While selecting your Target system, right click and click on "Create folder". For example, Box (Personal): 


3. Once you have clicked on the "Create folder" option, choose a name for your folder.

Important note: Please be sure of the name you choose for the newly created folder, since you will not be able to rename it from the Cloudsfer User-Interface once it has been created. For example: Box (Personal), using the same folder structure from section 2. 


4. The new folder is created instantly in the Target system. Below are the final results.

In the Cloudsfer User-Interface:


In the Target system:


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