Once you have logged in to the Autodesk's migration service, the “Migration Plans” window will appear (At the bottom of the page you will find all your last migrations).
In order to start a new migration, please select the start button:

The next window will ask you to choose the system you are migrating from (Buzzsaw). Please enter your connection details for the site you wish to migrate:

  • Service URL:



https://ap-webdav.buzzsaw.com/[Site_Name] (For Buzzsaw accounts located in Asia)

  • User name
  • Password

After clicking the submit button, you will see the folder structure under your Buzzsaw site.

Blue folder in the tree view represent project folders in Buzzsaw 
Choose the folder you wish to transfer:

You can use the search option to find a specific folder withing your open tree view.

Click “Save and continue”.