This document will help you transfer all your Photos and videos from Google Photos to any cloud system using Cloudsfer step by step.

Google Photos migration tool is Premium integration and can only be used by paying accounts.

After registration, purchase “Personal" and/or "Business” plan.

On Cloudsfer’s main page, click “Personalized migration” button to start the wizard.

The Migration Plan Wizard appears with our list of supported source systems.

Under the “Personal” tab select “Google Photos” as your source.

A pop-up window will appear. Enter your Google Photos account details and click “Next”.

Click “Allow” to allow access for Cloudsfer.

This is your Google Photos content structure. Choose the content you wish to transfer, choose whether you would like to include all photos or choose specific albums and click “Save & Continue”.

Note: In the tree view you can see only names of folders (albums). Selecting the root folder will migrate all photo stream + albums (even if you don’t see the images files).

For more detailed information on how to continue, search the relevant article in our Targets Folder according to your requested target.

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