This document will help you transfer all your Photos and videos to Google Photos from any cloud system using Cloudsfer step by step.

Google Photos migration tool is Premium integration and can only be used by paying accounts.

If you have not purchase yet any plan, please do so right now in order to upload photos and videos to Google Photos using Cloudsfer.

After you chose your source system, you will see the list of our supported target systems.

Under the “Personal” tab select “Google Photos” as your target.

A pop-up window will appear. Enter your Google Photos account details and click “Next”.

Click “Allow” to allow access for Cloudsfer.

This is your Google Photos content structure. Choose the path you wish for the content to be transferred to and click “Save & Continue”.

The Optional Settings menu will show. Here you can find advanced options to your migration, for example if a file already exists, you can skip existing files, add suffix to existing files, or overwrite existing files.

After choosing your preferences, click on Save & Continue. If you do not wish to change the default settings, simply click on Skip.

Give your migration plan a name. You can click on Start migration now and run the migration right away or either schedule the migration and run it later, by clicking on Schedule migration.

You’re almost done! Check "I reviewed the restrictions and would like to proceed with the migration" checkbox and click Execute to start your migration.

You can monitor the migration process and access the reports at the “Activity” tab on the left side panel.

Please take a quick look at our restriction and limitation page, under the Google photos column before starting you migration. 

If you have more questions, please contact us at