Cloudsfer's backup service, has the ability to automatically backup any source to any target system.

Using the backup service you may create a backup from:

•            Cloud to cloud

•            On premise to cloud

•            Cloud to on premise

You can customize the time you wish to have your data backed up, and set a daily/weekly/monthly schedule trigger according to your choice.


When logging into your Cloudsfer account choose the Backup service option in order to get started.

Please notice: the first backup run will transfer and overwrite everything from your source system. It is recommended to select a brand new target path.

Connect to your target system

At the bottom of the page you have the option to change to business connector or on Premise connectors if needed.

Connect to your target account:

Choose the location you wish to backup your data into.

The next step will be to decide how and when you wish your backup to run,
 scheduled for every day/week/month and on what time (Time is set in UTC).

Please note:, after running for the first time, only changed delta will apply in each backup, in this way consuming only the residual data since the last backup.


For any questions, please contact our Cloudsfer support team at the following email address –