In Cloudsfer the price depends on the amount of data you wish to migrate. One time payment (no recurring).

Check our pricing page to find out the cost for your upcoming migration.
Use our unique calculator here 

In case you are unaware of the amount of data in your account you have the option to perform an analysis. Our analyzer tool will help you pre plan your migration. For more information please see the following link:

Need a custom plan?

We’d love to help you address your needs!

In addition to basic migration capabilities we offer a wide variety of services such as dedicated migration servers, professional consultancy to kick start your migration.

Do you have large quota? Interested in multi user migration? Create incremental backups?

Please contact us for a custom solution tailored just for you TODAY:

You may also leave a message on our pricing page asking for a specific custom package.

Wish to start and don't know how?

See this guide or take one minute to watch the video below.

Factors that Affect Your migration price:
- in case you wish to perform a multi user migration – please let us know what is the amount of users you wish to migrate. The price is calculated by the number of seats you wish to purchase (each seat is used to migrate a user).  

- in case you are looking to backup your migration on a regular basis (daily/weekly/monthly). The backup feature is an additional recurring monthly fee which is calculated by the amount of backups performed.

For any additional information please contact Cloudsfer support -