Cloudsfer sync is a part of a new solution platform provided by Cloudsfer.

The first implementation of Cloudsfer Sync would allow you to replicate and backup your most valuable content.

The first launched integration would support sync and replication for Autodesk Construction Cloud (BIM360 and Autodesk Docs) into other storage providers supported by Cloudsfer.

The sync function allows Cloudsfer to receive and consume events that happen on your project data, and sync accordingly and with shorter timeframes - now supported for Weekly and Daily intervals. (More frequent intervals coming soon).

The new subscription show a new concentrated top bar the shows:

  • Monthly data usage
  • Running out of configured syncs
  • Running migrations/syncs out allowed parallel threads

Cloudsfer Sync launch supports the following combinations:

  • Autodesk Construction Cloud to Box
  • Autodesk Construction Cloud to Google Drive and Google Shared Drive
  • Autodesk Construction Cloud to BIM360 Docs, Autodesk Docs, Build Files.
  • Autodesk Construction Cloud to Windows file server\File Explorer
  • Autodesk Construction Cloud to SharePoint Online
  • Autodesk Construction Cloud to OneDrive (Via SharePoint Online Connector)
  • Autodesk Construction Cloud to Egnyte

Cloudsfer is now able to receive and consume events that happened within your Autodesk Construction Cloud Environment:

  1. Files - new uploads, new versions, file Rename, file copies, file movement
  2. Folders - new folders created, folder renamed, folder copied, folder moved

And sync accordingly into the above destinations (Box, Google, ACC, File Server, SharePoint, OneDrive, Egnyte).

All sync operation is done with complete flexibility and transparency:

We do not store or process your content during the sync and replication process! 

Bring your own storage approach for complete control of your synced content.

  • Integrate to an Autodesk Docs/BIM360 Docs/Build Files Project and select the desire path to be synchronized.
  • Integrate to the destination system and select your target path which will contain the backup
  • Create the backup plan
  • Schedule the backup according to the desired interval - Weekly, Daily.
  • Don't forget to check the sync option
  • Schedule and let Cloudsfer take care of the rest

Please note:

Cloudsfer Sync is only available as a part of the Standard and Pro Subscription package.
Subscription packages can be purchased here Cloudsfer Subscription 

Do not change and/or alter the folder structure created automatically on any of the destination clouds - for more information please contact us.

How to run an Autodesk Construction Cloud Sync?

Sync Prerequisites
To be able to run Cloudsfer Sync and integrate with BIM 360/Forge API with the following requirements:
 Enable Cloudsfer integration in Autodesk Construction Cloud Marketplace

 The account has to be member on the specific project.

 The account requires a minimum permission level on the project – “View + Upload + Download + Edit” as seen below:

How to configure a Sync?

  1. Login to Cloudsfer application
  2. Select the source path you would like to sync
  3. Select/create the destination you would like to sync into
  4. Click on Create Plan

Click on Backup Now Button

  • Select the Backup frequency you require:
  • Daily or Weekly
  • Check "Enable Sync"
  • Click on Schedule

View your Sync Process:

To see your project syncs, Click the Backup Dashboard on the left hand side:

Here you can select an review and monitor every sync you have configured:

.CSV/Excel report is available for download and show what happened to the file and folder level.

You can also download the report to your computer. The report will provide you with information about the items migrated.

The status of your current monthly usage is shown on the top bar of the screen.

If you have questions or issues, please do not hesitate to contact our support team at