Each backup is accompanied by a detailed report (Inventory list), outlining crucial information like item type, source path, project details, size, backup timestamp, version count, and status. If a backup fails, the report will pinpoint reasons like encrypted or risky files, to ensure a safe and smooth backup experience.

To switch between views in Excel, select View > Sheet View, and then select your view from the Sheet View menu.

Explanation of each column:  

1. ItemType – The form of the item.

2. Source ID - File/folder ID.

3. SourceName – The file/folder name.

4. SourcePath – The path to the source file or folder.

5. IsDeleted - Indicates whether the item (folder or file) has been deleted.

6. Status - What is the current status of the file/folder (Pending / Successful / Failed / Skipped / Quarantined)

7. ActionId - This column provides information to Cloudsfer's team. If there is a problem for the customer, we will assist the client (which job ran the file).

8. Size – The file size.

9. UploadCreatedDateTime – When it was uploaded by Cloudsfer.

10. ItemCreatedDateTime- The date and time the file was originally created.

11. ItemModifedDateTime – Date and time when the item was modified. 

12. ItemCreatedBy – By whom the item was originally created.

13. ItemModifedBy – By whom the item was updated.

14. Description - A description can include a variety of information. For example, errors.

15. DateTimeZone – Date and time zone.

16. VersionNumber - The file version number.

17. LastTimeChanged - Date of the last time the file was updated, such as when it was moved, deleted, or renamed.

In order to reach this report, you must click on the 'Backup & Restore' tab in the left-side menu.

Once the backup process with Cloudsfer is running, you can view the projects you have backed up in the table below. Here, you can learn more about the size, timing, and status of the project.

Search for your project. 

By clicking on the "Download report"  button on the right side of the table , you will be able to download the report for each project, folder, or file that you have backed up. 

Once finished, a link to a download the report will be sent to your Cloudsfer account email address.

The download link will be available for 72 hours and will expire afterwards.  

After you receive this email, click on "download file".

Please note:

Cloudsfer backup is only available as a part of the Standard and Pro Subscription package.
Subscription packages can be purchased here Cloudsfer Subscription 

For more information, visit our website or contact Cloudsfer support teamsupport@cloudsfer.com.