If you seldom need to access historical file versions, changes and deletions maintaining a backup of only the latest version may be sufficient for your needs. This configuration allows you to back up solely the most recent daily/weekly document version, eliminating the need to back up all previous versions and changes every day and/or week.

Benefits of This Configuration:

Storage Efficiency: Storing multiple file versions can consume a significant amount of storage space. By backing up only the latest version, you can optimize your storage resources.

Simplicity and Clarity: Having only the latest file version can simplify file management. If there's no need for you to access all versions, you'll find it easier to locate and work with the most recent data.

Faster Backup and Restore Times: If you prioritize efficiency and speed, backing up and restoring a single file version is quicker than managing multiple versions.

Cost Considerations: Cloud storage and backup services are charged based on the stored data volume. By backing up only the latest version, you can reduce storage costs on you Cloud storage of choice and Cloudsfer subscription.

How to backup latest version only?
You can configure and activate the "
Latest Version" option whenever you're creating a backup plan.
Here's the process:

  1. 1. Initiate the backup as usual (for detailed instructions on "how to back up," click here).
  2. 2. After clicking "create backup," a window will appear:

3. Simply mark the "Back up only the latest version" checkbox, and you are all set!

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