You can choose between two different approaches.
Users will provide credentials - We send an e-mail to each user, asking them to provide the source and target credentials.
Use administrator-provided credentials - You, the administrator, map the source and target users. We then automatically retrieve the user credentials by using your administrator account.

  1. Select the appropriate Mapping & Login Method, and upload the relevant excel file containing all the e-mail addresses of the users.
    To download an example of the spreadsheet (template), click on Download example Excel file.

  2. If you have selected Users will provide credentials, then the specified e-mail addresses will be used to contact each user. It does not have to be the e-mail address used for registration in the source/target system. Please do not delete or alter the title (ContactEmail), as it is part of the template.
    Here is an example for a spreadsheet containing e-mail addresses, which can be uploaded to Cloudsfer:


  3. If you have selected Use administrator-provided credentials, please map the users in the source to the users to the target.
    The user's source and target e-mail addresses should match the e-mails found under your administrator account in the source and target systems.
    This will migrate the entire user's content, starting at the root folder. Currently, this option is available in migrations from/to Box, Dropbox and Google Drive.

  4. Click on Upload Spreadsheet to upload the Excel file you have just created, with our template.
    You will see the uploaded file's name, and can choose to remove it should you want to upload a different file. To remove the uploaded file click on Remove.
    Click Continue to proceed to the next step.


    If the uploaded file does not meet the required format, e.g, wrong template, wrong file extension, file size exceeding limitation of 100Kb, etc., an error will show under the file's name.
    In this case, please review your file and make sure it fits the required format.


  5. If you have selected Use administrator-provided credentials, you will be required to enter your source and target administrator credentials.