In this article we would like to elaborate on our Delta option for Multi-User Migrations.


The Delta Migration feature will overwrite any file that was modified or created after your last migration date Start Time (considering system time and client’s time zone- by taking 12 hours backwards from your last execution, which is done due to time differences)


We use your source cloud system as a reference point and overwrite the files to the target system according to modification and creation date.


Delta Migration can be started: 

1. When scheduling a migration for multiples runs using the Scheduled Backup option:


2. Using the quick action section:





3. You can also run the Delta through the Migration Plan Details:




If you used the “modified after” filter within your first migration (before performing Delta migration) this filter will take into consideration the Delta migration “modified after” date.

Please note:
1. Newly created files overwriting old files will be updated as the newest versions in systems that supports versions of documents.

2. Duplicating a migration with the delta migration option activated will reset the values within the new migration plan created.

3. Delta migration is available only after the migration status is “Completed” or “Completed with errors”.

4. We recommend not to use Filters by Date when migrating using the Delta Migration feature à Other filters may be used.


Unsupported source systems: WebDAV and FTP.


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