What is Personalized migration?

Using the Personalized Migration option gives you the flexibility to customize your Migration Plan according to your needs; Other than simply choosing your source and target, you can customize the migration with date filters, file type filters, file size filters, Advanced Options settings, and Security migration assignments.

Once you connect to the Cloudsfer application, click on the "Personalized migration" window, as described below:

The Migration Plan wizard appears with our list of supported source systems.

Select the wanted system for the migration:

A pop-up window will appear. Enter your account details.

Click to allow access for Cloudsfer .


Choose the content you wish to transfer, choose whether or not you would like to include sub folders/parent folder and hit Save and Continue.

Once you have selected the source system, please choose your target system and grand access to the Cloudsfer application if prompted to do so:

After selecting your target system, you will proceed to the "Optional Settings" page.

The first tab in this step is the "Advanced", which allows you to choose how you want us to treat your existing hierarchy:

The second tab is "Filters", which allows you to choose how you to customize the migration with date, file type and file size filters:

The final tab is the "Security Migration", which for supported systems allows you to assign the permissions from the source system to the target system. For more information, please see the Permissions guide.

For example, here with the "Can view" permission in Dropbox assigned to the "Can view" permission in Google Drive (GDrive):

Once you have completed setting your filters, of if you choose to skip this step, click on "Save and Continue" or "Skip" accordingly.

You have now reached the final stage of the Migration Wizard. Here you can choose if you want to schedule your migration, start it, continue to edit it or save it:

In case you need further assistance with your migration, please don't hesitate to contact us at Support@cloudsfer.com