This document will help you transfer your content from/to Backblaze B2 cloud storage using Cloudsfer step by step.

Migrating content from/to business cloud services accounts requires purchasing one of our Business plans. More information can be found in our Pricing page. In order to purchase a business plan, Register to Cloudsfer and login to your account, go to Pricing >> Business plans or simply go to Plans page,

Go to Migration Dashboard and click on the desired type for migration. For more information about the different types of migration, please see our Knowledge Base.

The Migration Plan Wizard appears with our list of supported source systems.

First choose the Business Tab and then select Backblaze B2 as your source/target system.

A pop-up window will appear. Enter your Backblaze B2 account keys, and press the List Buckets button to obtain a list of containers in your system 

This is your Backblaze B2 content structure. Choose the content you wish to transfer, and press Submit.

In case you are having trouble loading the bucket list please allow B2 to communicate with Cloudsfer. You can do so by going into your Master application key and using Key ID and only then press to load list buckets. 

Please see the screen shot below for reference: 


*For Any further assistance, Please contact our Support team*