1. Select WEBDAV as source.

2. In the WEBDAV server details, please enter the service URL in the below format:

For instance, if my domain name is ‘cloudsferTest’, and my disk name is ‘MyDisk’ then my server URL would be: http://cloudsferTest.legacy.myjungledisk.com/MyDisk/

3. Enter your username and password as they appear in your jungleDisk users details:

 IMPORTANT - If the disk is password protected i.e. encrypted - then select the decrypt option for the drive in Jungle disk

Your domain name can be found under the Domain tab:

Your available disks can be found under the Online Disks tab:

4. After entering all the required details, please click on submit:

You should be able to connect and see the Jungle Disk treeview.

If you have more questions, please contact us at Support@Cloudsfer.com