This document will help you transfer your content from OneDrive for Business to OneDrive for Business using Cloudsfer:

  • When you sign in to your Cloudsfer account, at the main page press the “Multi-User” Button to start the Bulk migration wizard.

  • Select SharePoint Online as as a source system and SharePoint Online as your target system (Choosing SharePoint online will migrate the data to your OneDrive for Business, this will allow you to migrate permissions and metadata.
    Please note: you will need Global Admin credentials on both of your OneDrive for Business domains).

  • At the account mapping step, you will need to provide an excel sheet containing the users you wish to migrate. Upload that spreadsheet to our wizard.

  • Insert your administrator accounts credentials on both of your ODFB (Global Administrator on OneDrive for Business) and press continue.

  • At the optional settings stage you can choose to migrate your permissions from source ODFB to your target ODFB. For example a user which has a “Design” permission on the source ODFB can be mapped to all permission level that exist on your target system.
  • User Mapping – If your users on the source ODFB have identical Email addresses, then user mapping is not necessary (none). If your users will have a different Email addresses in source and target OneDrive for Business domains – Please select the Spreadsheet Mapping option and provide the relevant mapping.

After configuring your permissions press the Save & Continue to save the changes.

  • The final stage is to confirm and create the Bulk migration

  • You will now find your set migration on the "Migration plan" wizard in Cloudsfer. After creating the Multi-user migration, simply start the migration plan to transfer your data from the source ODFB to the target ODFB.
  •  In order to start the migration for all users right away, you may select all and simply click on the "Actions" tab and then "Start Bulk Migration" (see screenshot).
  • Check "I reviewed the restrictions and would like to proceed with the migration" and click "Execute" to start the bulk migration plan.
  •  The progress can be viewed at the activity section on your left side panel.

If you have more questions, please contact us at