Cloudsfer integration for S3 Compatible is designed to quickly migrate data from and/or to S3 compatible storage- In a few quick steps.

With this connector you can migrate, transfer or backup from and to any S3 compatible storage solutions like Ceph cloud storage, wasabi cloud storage, IBM Cloud Object Storag, Minio Object Storage, Cloudian and many more. Cloudsfer enables data migration to and from S3 compatible storage with over 30 integrations (e.g Azure to S3 compatible and S3 compatible to Google Drive).


To integrate with S3 Compatible- Please choose the S3 Compatible connector from the list as shown below:

Enter the Access Key ID and Secret Access Key as shown in the example below. (e.g use this for Wasabi migration)

Select the folder you wish to migrate.

Select any of Cloudsfer's supported  Targets cloud storage and Click "Create Plan" - create as many plans as needed.

Run the migration or create a backup on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

For more information on how to set your migration please see the following guide.

A free trial is available when creating a new Cloudsfer account, your account will be provided with all needed features for testing and with free data -no commitment or credit card required for evaluation !  Try for FREE 


Cloudsfer integration for S3 compatible storage  supports the following features:

  1. When using S3 compatible storage, Cloudsfer will preserve the modification date.
  2. Versions of the documents can be migrated. (in case the bucket is configured to save older versions)
  3. When migrating using S3 compatible storage, you may perform delta migrations, use the Backup migration option, and have the ability to overwrite newly modified data into the desired destination. You can set the backup migration feature to your personal needs.

Please note you may connect to the following systems using our S3 Compatible connector:

  • Ceph
  • Wasabi cloud storage
  • Minio Object Storage released under Apache License v2
  • Cloudian HyperStore
  • ActiveScale
  • CloudServer
  • S3Proxy allows access to other storage backends via the S3 API
  • Apache CloudStack
  • Connectria’s Cloud Storage
  • DDN Web Object Scaler (WOS) for on-premise cloud storage
  • DreamHost DreamObjects
  • Scality RING
  • DigitalOcean Spaces
  • NetApp StorageGRID for on-premise clouds
  • Eucalyptus
  • DELL EMC Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS)
  • IBM Bluemix object storage
  • IBM Cloud Object Storage (formerly Cleversafe) for on-premise object storage or on the IBM public cloud
  • Nimbula (acquired by Oracle)
  • OpenIO
  • Openstack Swift
  • NooBaa Hybrid Storage
  • Pure Storage’s FlashBlade
  • Rackspace’s Cloud Files
  • Riak CS, which implements a subset of the S3 API including REST and ACLs on objects and buckets.
  • And Many More!

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