Using Cloudsfer Backup Service you can easily backup your data with over 30 integrations on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Backup your cloud data to other cloud storage, cloud to on-premise (Local system) and on-premises to any supported cloud systems.

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Start your backup within seconds:
To create a backup migration, simply set your migration as usual (you may find the following guide helpful), and select the 'Backup Now' option (as seen below) after having the migration set.

If you already created a migration with Cloudsfer, just click on the backup button as shown before.

Choose the backup timeframe that fits your needs

You can set the Backup plan for every day/week/month or year and click 'Schedule' to start the backup plan.

Need more often? We can develop a custom solution tailored just for you and even run backups on an hourly basis.

Secure Backup

Run the backup in a secured hosted environment near your location. Use an agent with unique Token provided by Cloudsfer. Cloudsfer also provides custom tailored solutions capable of running within client local infrastructure – ask us for more info at
Local backup - Safely store your own data and holds your copied files.


You can choose filtering, maintain permissions and advanced options to your backup plan needs.

Complete Scalability

The backup is done automatically by Cloudsfer, handle any number and data size.

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Backup only migrates the latest version - if a new version is created in the source systems it will be overwritten as the newest version in the target.

If a target system supports versioning (Box, Dropbox, GDrive, SPO, Egnyte, BIM, Backblaze B2) - we will create a new version.

Other target system that does not support versions (File System) will overwrite the latest version.

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