Migrating content from Egnyte can be a complex task, especially when dealing with API limitations. Fortunately, Egnyte offers a solution to overcome these limitations by providing an Application Key that allows more than 1000 API calls per day. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to deal with API limitations:

To request an Application Key, visit Egnyte's developer website at: https://developers.egnyte.com/member/register.


Then, register for an account, fill out the form with your company details, and in the section labeled "Register your new application," provide Cloudsfer’s details as shown in the screenshot:

Please make sure the new application is listed as a “Publicly Available Application.”

Insert Cloudsfer’s Redirect URI – https://app.cloudsfer.com/egnyte/setcode

After clicking “Register” at the end of the form, get in touch with your account manager at Egnyte who will handle your request. Explain your need for increased API limits during the migration process. 

Once your request is approved, you will receive an Application Key.

To obtain your Application Key, sign in to the website, and then click on "Get API Key" in the header. Copy both the KEY and the SECRET for later use.

Next, log in to Cloudsfer’s application at https://app.cloudsfer.com/User/Login

Choose the Egnyte connector from the list of systems as shown below, and then click the "Connect" button on the right.

Enter the Egnyte application key and secret that you copied earlier.


Proceed by logging in to your Egnyte account and continue with the migration as usual.


For more detailed information, you can refer to this guide for Egnyte migrations

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