The following requirements must be in order to use Tzunami Exporter:

System Requirements for downloading all exporters:

Special requirements for each system:


Documentum Exporter requires that the Documentum Foundation Classes (DFC) to be installed and configured on the machine where the exporter is running

LiveLink Exporter requires that the latest version of Microsoft Visual J# Redistributable Package is installed and configured on the machine that is used to run the exporter.


  • Able to user exporter in case eRoom Server (Version 6 and above)  is configured and running.
  • In order to connect to the eroom server using Exporter, the User must be the member of Local Users and Group on the eRoom server.
  • If User is not allowed to log on, grant user with “Allow Log on Locally” permission in the eRoom server.


In order to connect to filenet after downloading exporter user must be a member of FileNet Server and have at least read permission on folders, items etc.

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