This guide will assist you in migrating data from iCloud Drive and iCloud Photos that is synced to your local PC using Cloudsfer File System connector. 

Note:     To migrate iCloud Photos and iCloud Drive, you must sync iCloud Drive and iCloud Photos to your computer.

To migrate from iCloud, please follow the given steps:

  • On Cloudsfer main page, select “File System (Admin)” as your source system and click the Connect button.

  • Click “Open”  after you have successfully installed Cloudsfer On Premises Agent.

Note; You must install Cloudsfer On Premises Agent for migrating data from File System. For more information on Cloudsfer On Premises Agent, please click here more more information.

  • Select the folder or photo album you wish to transfer.

Select any of Cloudsfer's supported  Targets cloud storage and Click "Create Plan" - create as many plans as needed.

For more detailed information on how to continue, search the relevant article in our Targets Folder according to your requested target.

Run the migration or create a backup on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Select the checkbox as seen below to run all migrations in One-Shot.

You can monitor the migration process and access the reports at the “Migration Report Summary” tab on the left side panel.

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