The Multi-User migration solution provides the administrator, the ability to manage a migration for a large amount of users, all at once. Maintain permissions, security and metadata in a few quick steps. 

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Multi User Step by Step Guide:

  1. To create a new Multi-User migration, click on the Multi-User option on the left hand side of your screen in your Cloudsfer account. 


  2. Select your source system.

  3. Select your target system.

  4. In the Account Mapping screen, select the appropriate Mapping & Login Method, and upload the relevant excel file containing all the e-mail addresses of the users that you want to migrate their content, using the Upload Spreadsheet button.

    In case you haven't contacted Cloudsfer support and purchased seats the following error will show after trying to continue.


  5. To learn more about account mapping and the different methods, review the following guide here.

  6. Click on Continue to move to the next stage

  7. In the following screen, you can choose to apply Filters , Versions and migrate Permissions (for supported systems).
    To read more about it, please see the following guides:
    How can I apply filters?
    Security guides (select the appropriate source and target system)

    Versions guide

    Filters added will affect all of the users under your Multi-User migration plan automatically.

    If you would like to change a specific user's filter setting, please review the following guide here.

  8. If you have selected to migrate permissions, you will be prompted to enter your Administrator Credentials.

    Connect to the source and target systems, using your administrator credentials, and click Continue.

  9. You may change the title of the migration, after doing so click on Save Multi-User migration button to finish setting the migration.

    You will now find your set migration on the "Migration plan" wizard in Cloudsfer.

  10. Click on your migration plan.

  11. The list of users you choose to migrate will appear. In order to start the migration for all users right away, you may select all and simply click the "start migration" option on the top of the page.

  12. In this window, you will also be able to select which users (all/specific) you would like to handle.

    Using the "Actions" tab you may choose how you wish to proceed with your migration for the selected users. You have the option to change the settings for each user using the same "Actions" tab and clicking the "Edit migration plan" option.

  13. By clicking the Option button, you can change the setting set for each user, for example: advanced options, filters, security and versions.

  14.  After you have completed setting your preferences, you may start or schedule your migration.


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Cloudsfer supports the following systems for multi user migration (source and target): 

  • Box

  • Dropbox 

  • Egnyte 

  • Google drive

  • OneDrive for business 

  • SharePoint online 

  • WebDAV

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