In some cases, during the installation of the Agent, it fails to give the user the right to run as a service.
To manually give the user the right to run as a service, please follow these instructions.

Open Local Security Policy:

    • Press Win + R to open the Run dialog.
    • Type secpol.msc and press Enter.
    • In the Local Security Policy window, go to Local Policies > User Rights Assignment.
  1. Grant Logon as a Service Right:
    • In the right pane, double-click on "Log on as a service".
    • Click on the "Add User or Group" button.
    • Add the user account that you want to grant permission to and click OK.
  1. Grant Permissions on the Service:
    • Press Win + R and type services.msc to open the Services console.
    • Locate the service for which you want to grant permissions.
    • Right-click on the service and select "Properties".
    • Go to the "Log On" tab.
    • Choose the "This account" option and enter the credentials of the user.
    • Click Apply and OK.
  1. Adjust Folder and Registry Permissions (if necessary):
    • Some services may require access to specific folders or registry keys. Ensure that the user has the necessary permissions for these resources.
  1. Restart the Service.

It's important to note that modifying security settings and permissions should be done carefully to avoid unintended consequences. Make sure you have the necessary administrative privileges to make these changes.

Additionally, consider the principle of least privilege – grant only the minimum permissions necessary for the user to perform their tasks. This helps enhance security by minimizing potential risks.